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Movement Mastery Lvl. 1

The path of learning acrobatics...


...Movement Mastery, is a system founded by Theo unlike any other. With expertise spanning parkour, yoga, breakdance, capoeira, handstand artistry, cliff diving, tricking, acro yoga, and beyond, Theo's unique approach to movement has captivated audiences worldwide. Now, he's bringing his innovative teaching style to you through our immersive workshop experience.


1      DAY

3      SKILLS to work on

5      HOURS of training

6      MONTH "Movement Mastery" App access

Join us for a dynamic exploration of movement potential. Over the course of 5 immersive hours, split into two blocks, Theo will lead you through a journey designed to unlock your full potential. In the first block, we'll delve into the fundamentals of movement, focusing on coordination, balance, strength, and more. It's the perfect foundation for what's to come.

In the second block, Theo will guide you through three essential skills for beginners, laying the groundwork for future progress. Dreaming of aerials, ninja skills, and backflips? We'll start with the basics, building the foundations with cartwheels, kick-ups, and macacos. This workshop is your gateway to a world of movement possibilities. And the best part? Our workshop follows the same path as the Movement Mastery app, so you can continue your journey long after the workshop ends.

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Understand the world of movement by learning the connections between similar moves.




Start with the easiest regression and work towards high level flips in a safe way step by step.



Back Handspring

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Movement Mastery
Workshop 1

Movement Mastery
Workshop 2

Movement Mastery
Workshop 3

Movement Mastery workshops build up on each other. Come and join as a novice - leave as a student and qualify for the next level all the way up to the advanced league. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your approach to fitness and unleash the athlete within you. Sign up now and embark on a journey to movement mastery!

As a workshop participant, you'll gain access to Theo's Movement Mastery app, where you can continue your learning journey beyond the workshop. All moves, progressions and exercises are found in the app. You get free access for your first 6 month worth $ 99,99 (CHF 86).

Special Note: These prices are a special discount and you will never get such low rates again. It's the first time that Theo is launching this workshop as a product, and prices will increase in the future.

Bonus: 6 month access to the MM APP!


What you learn in the
Movement Mastery App

You can join the Movement Mastery Workshop level 1 with no prior knowledge. Theo is picking you up right where you are and will show you progressions, variations and options so you always grow and won't feel lost. 

You will leave the first workshop with knowledge and expertise on:
- Jumping foundations

- Animal flow basics

- Wheels (Cartwheels and more)

- Kick up (wavy get up + backbends)

- Macaco (opening the doors for Back Handsprings and Backflips)

What you bring, what you get:

Theo Necker Youtube Video Thumbnail Final_edited.jpg
Get Flexible
Increase Balance
Gain Strength
Improve Coordination

Pepjin, Netherlands

"Amazing IG content. I've been resisting to subscribe to the app for some time now, but couldn't help it anymore. Your content seems very playful and will encourage me to continue the practice until I get the results. Thanks!"

Tom, USA

"Hey Theo! Loving the app you have done a great job. I have made it most of the way through the handstand tutorials so far with lots of progress. Also enjoying the follow along classes for stretching and strength."

Kobi, Israel

"My dream was to do handstand. I heard so many people who demoralised me, telling me wrong information about handstand practice. Then I met Theo who built a plan for me and guided me all the way from zero to a 10 second straight handstand in 10 weeks. It's a pleasure to learn with Theo and I'm looking forward to break more records!"

Julia, Russia

"Hi Theo! I've been practicing with the app hip mobility and handstand foundation, improved a lot doing your exercises. I'm also getting more comfortable with back handsprings. Thanks a lot!"

Will, USA

"Swipe program is so sick! I think I'll get it pretty quick. Got to the second last progression in the first session. It's tough, just need to add the leg swing and foot placement. Thanks Theo!"

Radha, UK

"Thank you so much for all the feedback and the detailed analysis of the cartwheel! It is so cool to watch it in slow motion. I already feel my body opening up and am amazed at what is already possible after 3 weeks. Extremely grateful for your teaching!"
  • Is the app compatible with my phone?
    Mindsetoftheo app runs perfectly on all devices such as Iphone and Android. You can also use the app on devices like tablets, laptops or TVs, if you have access to the app market.
  • How long is your free trial, what happens after that?
    You can test my app 7 days for free. After that you will be charged by the subscription plan you have chosen. Monthly, half a year or annually.
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    Yes. If you feel like you can't learn anything from my app at this moment, you can cancel at any moment. Of course you are welcomed to join us later again, to keep working on your health and movement skills.
  • How do I get access to the forum group?
    Within the app you will find a "how to enter the forum". You will get access to the password that is required to join the forum. Within the forum you get feedback from Theo and can exchange with other practitioners.
  • I’m new to movement, can I still join?
    My training app is beginner friendly. You don't need to have any knowledge about movement practices to start using the app. The programs and classes are designed to pick you up where you are. Starting from scratch or being already intermediate. You will have lots of options to join workouts and skill programs.
  • I’ve never practiced with online content before, does it work?
    It does indeed! We have several testimonials of students who unlocked flips, handstands and made huge progress with flexibility and overall body control. Having me as your teacher in your pocket is a great option to practice where ever you are.
  • I'm busy and have no access to the gym, does it still work?
    All you need is your phone. You can practice with me from home or where ever you are. All you need is some space and your phone.
  • What is special about your app?
    Unlike normal fitness apps that tell you to do boring workout of sets and reps of push ups and planks, my app will help you to unlock full control of your body. You will learn how to practice with ease and fun. The goal is to get fit, look great and have 100 % control of your body to unlock skills and tricks you only know from movies and the internet.
  • Why do I have to pay?
    Value has it's price. You could search for free content on youtube, which will cost you time and energy. My app has prewritten training schedules to unlock acrobatic skills. You get follow along classes and short workouts that are designed to take you to the next level without thinking too much about what to do next. Studies also show, that results are better if you pay for your results. It's more likely that you stay committed and really reach your goals. And that's what we want. Help you unlock your full potential.
  • I live in a country with weaker currency and can’t afford the subscription. Is there a chance to get a discount?
    There are discounts for different countries and regions. If you can't afford the subscription, write us an email and we will check if we can give you a discount.
  • How do I get support when I got questions?
    Can't find any answers here? Send us an email and we will reply asap.
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