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Everything you need to know
to learn partner challenges

Find out all tips and tricks to learn it the safe and correct way

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  • Partner: obviously you need a partner (pick your sibling, spouse, training buddy or family member). 

  • Communication: partner exercises require communication. It's never your partners fault. You're both responsible.

  • Coordination: These skills require some coordination. It helps if you take on other movement disciplines such as handstands, calisthenics or yoga
    (you don't have to be crazy sporty though).

What you need:
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Warm up

Warm up together 

The warm up should not be too exhausting, but it's good if you start sweating. Make sure, to be focused and energised when trying these exercises. Go for a run together, do a quick yoga flow or some jumping jacks. Just have fun and get ready together!

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Things to avoid

Don't skip progressions and instruction.

The reasons why you fall or crash are:

  • Trying something you have no idea of 

  • Rushing for results 

  • Not communicating

Make sure to educate yourself on what you are trying to do. Talk to your partner if instructions are clear. Record and analyse your attempts to learn from it.

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Connect and laugh

These challenges are a good way to work on your social relationships. It's fun and you are active with others. 

  • No prior knowledge needed

  • Different levels difficulty for each stadium

  • Easy and save instructions to work on

  • Trains teamwork, coordination, proprioception 

  • Looks cool on your social media or the dancefloor

Why practice partner challenges?
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I created an entire section about partner challenges in my app. Multiple clips went viral on my insta. I break them down in step by step tutorials, so you will be able to do all these challenges.

Feedback and statistics show, that instagram short tutorials give you an idea how to do the challenge. The people who are really able to do it in the end are the ones who check the long form content with much more detailed instructions. 

You can check all challenges and exercises in the app. Test it 7 days for free and decide later if you want to stay or not. 


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Check other programs

All insides about all app programs are found on my website.

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