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Everything you need to know
to unlock the back handspring

Find out all tips and tricks to learn it the most efficient way


  • Flexibility: being able to drop into a bridge pose is not necessary. You still need some backbends though

  • Dynamics: being able to pull the arms backwards explosively 

  • Coordination: being aware of your body in the air (proprioception)

  • Skills: "Macaco" - an easier variation of a BHS with one arm already on the floor at the start

  • Mindset: not being afraid to go backwards over your head

What you should be able to do
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Warm up

These body parts need to get ready
  • Wrists (you will experience big amount of extension and pressure). Stretch and strengthen them.

  • Shoulders (your shoulders will be thrown back dynamically and absorb the impact of the landing).

  • Spine (during the BHS you enter a backbend), work on half bridge and full bridge pose.

  • Energy (BHS is a move with high intensity), make sure you are sweating and ready to go before you start.

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The most common mistake with the BHS is to jump into it. The actual technique is more of a fall and pull action and less of a jump. 

Other mistakes are not keeping the arms in line and open them too far, not extending the hips and not committing to give 100%.

Mistakes for the Macaco

  • pushing hips forward not up

  • wrong hand placement

  • not opening the shoulder

  • not using the second arm properly

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The key to unlock moves:
small steps

To master a complex move like the BHS you need to break it down into small single projects.

The most important milestone is the macaco. Why should you chose this approach?

  • safe/controlled way to learn proper technique

  • you get comfortable going backwards over your head step by step

  • accessible for beginners

  • chances to get injured shrink to a minimum

  • you don't only learn BHS but get macaco for free


I created a 4 week training schedule to start working on the BHS/Macaco. Every day you will be guided through a full workout including warm up, preparation exercises and technique training. 

Get access to all progressions to always have an option to work on the actual move, no matter which level you are on.

You get access to the forum group to exchange with others and get feedback on your attempts from your teachers in the forum.

Bonus: you get access to all workouts, classes, workshops and other programs in the app. 

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Your deal

Learn how to unlock the back handspring and start today.

Having a written training schedule, instructions on technique and progressions, awareness for common mistakes, warm up sequences and personal feedback in the forum. All these advantages combined in one app makes this single program worth $150.


With your subscription you will get all other programs you find on the homepage on top for free. As an extra bonus you get several follow along classes, workshops on handstands and cartwheels and acrobatic related quick workouts.


Why not commit to learn all of the skills in the app and subscribe for a year to save 4 month of real cash

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Check other programs

All insides about all app programs are found on my website.

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