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For more than 15 years I have been learning different disciplines that led to an important self-development. I studied a variety of practices such as Parkour, Breakdance, Capoeira, Tricking, Cliffdiving, Handbalancing, Yoga & Meditation, mindfulness and most important: the skill of teaching.


I connect movement & mindfulness and this is what I would like to pass on to you.

I'd love to help you to get a better understanding of your own body and soul.

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My full name is actually Kevin Theodor Necker.

I grew up in a small town in the north-west of Germany. 

My life was more or less perfectly written down (by other people). I had a good childhood, and actually never missed anything. Family holidays in Florida each year, got my own flat with 19 and drove a convertible BMW after graduation.

I studied law and worked for the city council afterwards. I had a relationship, a place to stay, a secured job and didn’t have to worry about a single thing. At least that's what it looked like. But deep down in my soul I was absolutely frustrated, unhappy with my life. 

I believe that each individual has to master his or her own challenges in life to grow and experience what it actually means to live a life. To me this challenge was to break free from what other people expected me to be. 

« Have a good job, live in a fancy apartment, marry at 30, have 2 kids, one girl and one boy, pay your mortgage,

work until 67 and retire on your balcony. » 

Early on I was sure that this was not for me. 

But it’s hard to step up and speak for yourself. 

I took the courage to take full responsibility for my own life when I turned 25, quite late, but better late than never.

The result was that I broke up with my partner after 4 years of relationship, ended up in a fight with my father, who put me on
the street and didn’t really speak a word to me ever since and I had to start at zero again. This time all by myself.
I needed this time to figure out who I am and what I want. 


I was fortunate enough to have my office job. I was financially stable and seized every free minute out of the office to work on

my dream:

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Being free.

Working as a movement teacher all over the world, helping others to feel better in their bodies and creating a mindset that will help them chase their calling. 

It was in 2019 when I decided to create my own brand “Mindsetoftheo”. I took on my middle name which is Theodor. I told myself and everyone else that from now on I’m a different person. There is no Kevin anymore, I buried it with all its negative beliefs and memories. My new values are honesty and being open minded. Speaking my truth and being authentic.

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I started documenting my journey online on instagram and it took me a while to figure out in which way I can help my community. Nowadays I post movement tutorials and tips on how to create a lifestyle or mindset that will help you to become the best version of yourself. Besides social media I have online clients, teach workshops and retreats, to spread my message.


The biggest change happened when I started to educate myself on Yoga. I’ve always been a mover since day one. I started with football when I was 4 years old. Quit when I was 21 (again this was a hard step for me to move towards my own interests and letting go of what others expected me to do). At 13 I played on the streets and started parkour, within a 2 year rhythm I transferred to various arts of movement such as Tricking, Breakdance, Capoeira, Diving, Partner acrobatics, Hand Balancing and finally Yoga. I did my first yoga teacher training in the Covid lock down in 2020. I went there for handstands and splits and left with a much deeper understanding of myself. Yoga helped me a lot to redirect my entire brand and product. You see a lot of physical breathtaking high level performances of mine which are the results of years of dedicated practice, but the deeper message is on the mental/emotional level.

This is why it’s mindsetoftheo and not movementoftheo. 

I started teaching right after my graduation as a yoga teacher, I taught in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and France.

I found my own style of teaching which I describe as bridging the gap between deep mindful practices and high level physical skills.


My journey didn’t stop. I sold all my belongings, my car, moved out of my flat and left the office to travel the world.

I went to Asia to learn from the best teachers I could find.
I learned from Handbalance teacher Remi Espuche and Yuval Ayalon, found my mentor in Daniel Rama - also Rad Radoslav needs to be mentioned here, who helped me understand how to position myself in the social media world - and practiced with people like Sondre Berg and
Dylan Werner.


To say it in Bruce Lee’s words:
I took what was useful to me, left aside what wasn’t and added what is uniquely my own.

Nowadays I have a following of around 300.000 people on Instagram, run retreats in Europe and teach all over the world in Asia and the Caribbean islands. 

Student of yuval.jpg


During my journey I encountered many setbacks. I had knee surgery twice in 2015 and 2018. The third time I messed up my knee in 2020 the doctors wanted to take out my meniscus. I chose not to have surgery that time and decided to heal by myself. This was against all recommendations and everything I was ever told. But I started to trust in myself and listened to my heart. I also listened to my body and practiced the mindful approach of yoga. I’m still running around with a torn meniscus in my left knee! And I still work on my recovery daily, but you will see me performing single leg backflips (on the left knee ;)), deep squats and yoga poses where I put my leg behind my head. I’m convinced this is the result of a deep connection to the physical body, self love and and positive mindset that is open mindet and does not blindly believe what doctors say.


No obstacle likes to stand in front of a man who simply doesn’t give up. I kept working on my dream day after day, educated myself when others were partying and focused a lot on my own calling for a couple of years. I gave up everything I had, not knowing if things would work out or not. I went through hell a couple of times, being refused by my father, being told not to be able to run again by doctors and being told I should play it the safe way and stick to the office job.

Side note: After I came home from my year of travel, I quit my office job.

I’m living my dream as a full time movement and mindfulness teacher now.

And I’m here to support you on your own journey of chasing your dream.

I believe in you.

Much love and respect, 



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