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Everything you need to know
to unlock the Handstand

Find out all tips and tricks to learn it the most efficient way


How thousands of students learned to handstand


  • Strength: hold a plank, push up position

  • Mindset: no trauma/extreme fear of inversions

  • Coordination: moving legs & arms separately and controlled

What you should be able to do

Warm up

These body parts need to get ready
  • Wrists stretch and strengthen them (you will experience extension and pressure)

  • Shoulders stretch and strengthen them (open but stable shoulders are key for good shapes)

  • Focus take your time, to calm down and focus on your task (handstand is concentration)



Things to avoid

There are many mistakes people do while trying to handstand. Here are my top 6:

  • Not using the wall properly

  • No understanding of the center line and balance

  • Randomly kicking up in hope of a lucky try

  • Fear - with the right progressions, fear can be overcome quickly

  • Not knowing about the checkpoints

  • Not being consistent


For Beginners

The handstand is one of the first things to learn in the world of acrobatics:

No prior knowledge needed

  • No options to hurt yourself

  • Easy and save progressions to work on 

  • Trains strength, coordination, balance

  • Opens the door for more complex moves

  • Doable at home without any equipment

  • The wall allows complete beginners to have success in only a few day

Level of difficulty in the acrobatic world: beginner

Why learn the handstand?
Student of yuval.jpg


The key to unlock handstands:
small steps

To master a complex move like balancing on your hands, you need to break it down into small single projects.

One of the major steps is to get confident first on the wall, and then taking the handstand off the wall. 

Get access to the handstand training program, 25+ educational videos and test it for a week. 
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