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  • Strength: hold a plank, push up position.

  • Mindset: no trauma or extreme fear of inversions.

  • Coordination: moving legs & arms separately and controlled.

What you should be able to do

Warm up

These body parts need to get ready
  • Wrists (you will experience extension and pressure). Stretch and strengthen them.

  • Shoulders (open but stable shoulders are key for good shapes). Stretch and strengthen them.

  • Focus (handstand is concentration). Take your time, to calm down and focus on your task.



Things to avoid

There are many mistakes people do while trying to learn how to handstand. Here are a few.

  • Not using the wall properly

  • No understanding of centerline and balance

  • Randomly kicking up in hope of a lucky try

  • Fear - with the right progressions, fear can be overcome quickly

  • Not knowing about the checkpoints

  • Not being consistent

If you practice with a schedule, chances are 350% higher, that you will learn how to handstand. The key factors are consistency, using the wall, understanding the centerline and practicing the double stag shape. 


Beginner friendly

The handstand is one of the first things to learn in the world of acrobatics:

No prior knowledge needed

  • No options to hurt yourself

  • Easy and save progressions to work on 

  • Trains strength, coordination, balance

  • Opens the door for more complex moves

  • Doable at home without any equipment

  • The wall allows complete beginners to have success in only a few days

It's a cool move that looks impressive

  • You can do it every time you stand up

  • No equipment or sportswear needed

Level of difficulty in the acrobatic world: beginner

Why learn the handstand?
Student of yuval.jpg


The key to unlock the handstand:
small steps

To master a complex move like balancing on your hands, you need to break it down into small single projects.

One of the major steps is to get confident first on the wall, and then taking the handstand off the wall. 

I created a 3 week training schedule to start working on the handstand. Every day you will be guided through a full workout including warm up, preparation exercises and technique training. 

Once you finish the program and did not unlock the handstand, you can start again with day one, picking harder progressions. 

This option is always available in the entire app. It makes it possible for you to take on any class, workout or program and chose a progression that fits your level. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced practitioner. 

This picture shows an example of the progressions options for a functional workout in the app. You can change the level any time you want, even during the workout. 


one arm w ancelin 2.jpg

Your deal

Learn how to unlock the handstand and get access to the best handstand program on the market.

Having a written training schedule, instructions on technique and progressions, awareness for common mistakes, warm up sequences and personal feedback in the forum.

All these advantages combined in one app makes this single program worth $150. With your subscription you will get the 4 week aerial and the 4 week back handspring, the 2 week coin spin program and the 2 week kick up program on top for free. As an extra bonus you get several follow along classes, workshops and acrobatic related quick workouts.

Why not commit learning all of the skills in the app and subscribing for a year to save 4 month of real cash! 

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Check other programs

All insides about all app programs are found on my website.

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