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Everything you need to know
to unlock the Macaco

Find out all tips and tricks to learn it the most efficient way



  • Similar thing: as you go upside down, be familiar with cartwheels and have a handstand practice (handstand is not required).

  • Jumping foundations: table position & a bridge position (doesn't have to be clean, but know it). 

What you should be able to do


Warm up

These body parts need to get ready

  • Backbends opening the front side of the body and contracting your back.

  • Wrists make sure to stretch and strengthen your wrists, as you go upside down.


  • Shoulders stretch your shoulder and be comfortable opening it, as you gonna carry your weight on one arm. 



Things to avoid

There are 4 main mistakes people do while trying to macaco

  • going one leg at a time not both together 

  • not jumping enough and not making it over the center line

  • wrong hand placement in the start

  • wrong hand placement of second hand (cartwheel escape)

If you correct these 4 common mistakes, I guarantee you take a major step towards performing a clean macaco. 


Wanna work on backflips?

The macaco is the first regression for overhead backwards motions. From there you can build up:
  • Backwheels
  • Back handsprings
  • Backflips
It's safe to practice and doesn't require any prior knowledge.

Level of difficulty in the acrobatic world: beginner
Macaco is your start!


The key to unlock moves:
small steps

To master a new move like the macaco you need to break it down into small single projects.

Also you can focus on regressions.
The first level of the macaco is walking around your hand from a squat position back to a squat.



every device.

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