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Is a 6 week training program to learn the movement fundamentals.

Build the foundations to learn more advanced acrobatic skills & move like me. 

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About the program

The 6 week program is split into 2 parts. In the first 4 weeks you find lessons in which I teach you animal flow, wheels, balance, jumping, capoeira basics, rolls and more. All lessons are connected to a follow along work out the next day.

On top of the training schedule of the 4 weeks I'll provide you with additional content on rest days. I'll educate you on recovery and guide you through breath work and recharging stretching sessions (yep they are also on top included). We talk about motivation and much more. 

The last 2 weeks of the program a pure movement. You face a schedule full of creative workouts combining what you learned in the first 4 weeks. 

To give you a chance to try it out before your commit and pay:

Not sure yet?

Okey, here is more free content. Send me a message on instagram with the word "Start Smart". And I'll send you the first lesson to join for free. 

Message me on instagram

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It's hard to understand what to expect of a movement program by reading. To make it easier for you I created a story highlight on instagram explaining what to expect and giving you sneak peeks of the content.

Your results

If you look for a fun practice to get in shape and control your body like never before, START SMART is for you. The exercises will help you to connect with your body on a much deeper level. You will improve coordination, balance, reaction time, flexibility and strength. 

You will not only create a functional body (that looks great), but build the foundations for more advanced movement challenges later on. Such as handstands, flips and acrobatic skills.

By subscribing to the app you get full access to 10 acrobatic skill programs.
(What? 10 additional programs? Yes that's right. They are all in the app, waiting to be discovered). 

Check all acrobatic skills in the Movement Mastery App here. 



every device.

movement mastery app
The app structure is simple and easy to handle. 
Practice with me wherever you go. No gym needed.
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Real people

Real feedback

Real people

Real feedback

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Real people

Real feedback

Real people

Real feedback

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Get access to the START-SMART
program and test it for a week
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