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Everything you need to know
to unlock the swipe

Find out all tips and tricks to learn it the most efficient way


  • Cartwheel: as you will place one hand at a time on the floor to throw your legs around yourself, you need to be familiar with the cartwheel.

  • Coinspin: the coinspin is the entrance motion for all breakdance powermoves. No coinspin, no swipe.

  • Strength: hold your bodyweight in a plank position & variations.

  • 2 step: perform the move you see in this clip.

What you should be able to do

Warm up

These body parts need to get ready
  • Wrists: you will put your entire body weight with momentum on your hands. Stretch and strengthen your wrists.

  • Shoulders: you will throw your arm around to jump over your back, landing on your arms. Make sure your shoulders are ready to take that impact, by circling them and doing push ups.

  • Core: your spine will be twisted during airtime. You will have to hold your hips up and keep that tension. Do rotational movements to prepare your spine & core.



Things to avoid

There are 3 main mistakes people do while trying to swipe

  • Dropping the hips

  • Positioning the right leg not close enough to left hand

  • Not using the free leg to swing 

If you correct these 3 common mistakes, I guarantee you take a major step towards performing a clean swipe.


Worth it?

The swipe is a key component of combining breakdance powermoves.

It's also:

  • One of the easiest ones to learn

  • Low/No chances of getting bruises/injuries (not like the headspin or windmill)

  • Can perform it on every floor (not like the headspin or windmill)

  • Not much flexibility required compared to the windmill or flare.

Level of difficulty in the acrobatic world: 

Why learn the swipe?


The key to unlock moves:
small steps

To master a complex move like the swipe you need to break it down into small single projects.

Start by learning the two step round starting from a plank position. 
It's easier to build it up from there. 
One of the progressions is the swipe with both legs touching the floor.



every device.

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