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After years of having a very sedentary life style, I decided it was time to change! And I think the universe agreed, as thats when Theo kept popping up on my instagram feed!

3 months into training with him, I can honestly say that that this has been one of the best moves (pun intended) of my life!!

Every session is both fun and challenging, both physically and mentally, whether it is trying to hold a double stag position for 10 seconds (which I nailed after 2 months!) or getting my head around a coin spin (my synapses are still working on it). He breaks moves down into smaller steps which not only makes a complicated move more achievable, but also gives you goal posts for your progress.

Theo is warm, energetic, extremely patient and one of the most inspiring people I have met. I can’t think of a better person to be on my movement journey with.

I feel lighter, stronger, healthier, much more agile, confident, energetic and grounded. But mostly I feel more joyful and look forward to my movement practice every morning. I have reconnected with my 12 year old self!


Testimonials from students

"Your app is great, even though I do not follow it strictly I still exercise every day encluding the exercises from the app. It is very inspiring. I slowed down the first and last macaco so you can see the diference. Now I am trying to put my both hands on the ground at the same time. Thank you so far."
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